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Practical Guide to antibiotic dosage

Ebook Antibiotics 101

This Ebook contains a practical guide to antibiotic dosage for adults, children, pregnant women and kidney disorders

Prevention of disease checklists

Ebook Prevention Checklist

This Ebook contains a few tips that you can do to prevent the disease.

Clinical pharmacology of medical students

Clinical Pharmacology Ebook for medical students

This E-book we arrange to provide an overview related to clinical pharmacology that is easy and practical for medical students.

Medical students Learning Techniques Ebook (1)

Medical students Learning Techniques Ebook

The Ebook contains several effective learning techniques for students that can facilitate the understanding of difficult medical materials.

Biomedical Literature Retrieval

Ebook Biomedical Literature Retrieval

This Ebook will help you to find the Secret search journal and the fastest and easiest biomedical literature using PubMed®.

Smart Cover using drugs

Smart use of drugs Ebook

This Ebook will give you an idea of how to obtain, use, store, and dispose of drugs appropriately.

Cover of basic life support and First aid guide

WhiteCoatHunter First Aid Manual Ebook

This Ebook contains tips and tricks and actions that can be performed by a public first helper in emergency conditions

Coming Soon Ebook

Coming Soon Ebook

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Coming Soon Ebook

Coming Soon Ebook

Look out for other medical and health ebooks

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